TIP #3

Load and wipe off

To maximize the amount of finish your brush can carry, dip it in the can about a third of the way. Lift out the brush a few inches, then jab it toward the can to release excess finish. Dab the end of the brush on a white cotton rag to remove any finish that may have puddled there. Hang on to the rag as you work in case you need to wipe off excess finish inside a corner or around an edge.


Tip 1

TIP #4

Work from the bottom up

When you start brushing the first coat of a spar finish, begin at the bottom of your project and work your way up. If you get any runs or drips as you go, they'll fall on a finished surface and you can deal with them when you're ready. If runs or drips fall on an unfinished surface, wipe them up right away so their edges don't leave a shadow line.
TIP: Run screws into the ends of the legs to serve as standoffs. This way, you can start brushing at the very bottom of each leg.




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